Meet the New Cowboy Bar General Manager: Steve Plock

February 8, 2021 Meet the New Cowboy Bar General Manager: Steve Plock

Steve is an Illinois native and a recent transplant to the Jackson Hole area. Steve’s family has a history in the restaurant industry, so hospitality and management is in his blood. For the past ten years, he was living in Chicago, managing a historic improv comedy theater, while also playing music and performing improvised comedy.  Relocating to Jackson wasn’t always part of his plan, but the ups and downs of the past year helped him decide that it was time for a change, and Jackson is a place he has always dreamed of settling. The Cowboy Bar was one of the first places he visited when he traveled to visit friends in Jackson in 2014 and he absolutely loved it.

Steve states, “I’m excited to be a part of place that is such a staple of the culture here in Jackson. The Cowboy gets patrons from all walks of life and all corners of the globe and they’re all here to enjoy live music and good company. It’s a beautiful thing to see and I’m proud to help steward that environment.”

He has been a drummer for almost 20 years and has toured all over the United States and Europe with a couple different bands. Steve loves playing and listening to all styles of music and is so excited to be immersed in the music scene here in Jackson.

Silver Dollar Inc President & General Manager Jim Waldrop added, “Steve has such an interesting and eclectic background steeped in hospitality management and music, all the while garnering a genuine affinity for iconic establishments.  He gets it, we are thrilled to have him at the helm.”

When Steve is not at The Cowboy Bar, you can hear him on his own radio show on KHOL 89.1 FM every Monday night from 10pm-12am called The Vibe Check, so if you’re interested in supporting community radio and hearing a wide variety of interesting music, tune in. 

Lastly, Steve wants you to know, “If you see me at the Cowboy, feel free to introduce yourself or say hi, I’ll be happy to meet you and assist in any way that I can.”

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